Fort Bend County Probate Just Before Christmas

I had a probate hearing this week in Fort Bend County, which is one of the counties that covers part of the greater Houston area. As many times as I have been here, I have never taken a picture so I decided that this week was the week I would snap a few.

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Walker County, Texas at Christmas Time

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year; I love watching classic holiday films, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, and viewing Christmas decorations. So you can imagine, that it was a real treat to drive out to Walker County, Texas today for a court hearing. I could not resist snapping a picture of the Christmas wreaths outside of the courthouse – a lovely reminder of the season.

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Pleasantville Senior Fall Expo 2019

This fall, The Schwartz Law Firm had the honor of participating in the Pleasantville Senior Fall Expo 2019.  Pleasantville is an historic community in the heart of Houston, Texas and was one of the first predominantly African-American neighborhoods in the city. Many of Houston’s top minority business and community leaders had their beginnings in this neighborhood, which is just one reason why we were so honored to participate in this community event. The event was held at the Judson Robinson, Sr. Civic Center in the heart of the neighborhood and many of the communities beloved residence came out and enjoyed the event with us. It was a great day!

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Harrison County Probate Attorney

One of the great things about being a Texas Probate Attorney, is getting the opportunity to visit the many beautiful parts of the state. This past September, I had the pleasure of probating an estate in Harrison County; I would be remiss if I did not comment on the beauty of their courthouse and all of its architectural details. It is a landmark and hold lots of historical significance in Texas. Check out the picture of me getting ready to head in to court.  

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