Galveston County Probate Attorney

The Schwartz Law Firm is proud offer probate and estate administration services in Galveston County, Texas.  Galveston County has 1 Probate Court with 1 presiding Judge. Families in Galveston County needing to resolve outstanding probate and estate matters can look to Attorney Steven K. Schwartz for assistance.

A common list of services families need includes but is not limited to:

  • Probate of a Will
  • Estate administration when there is no will
  • Assistance Accessing Safety Deposit Boxes, Bank Accounts, Insurance Proceeds, and Unclaimed Property with the Texas Comptroller
  • Title Issues with Estate Property
  • Mortgage Foreclosures on Estate Property
  • Property Tax Suits on Estate Property
  • Protecting the Rights of a Surviving Spouse
  • Protecting the Rights of Other Heirs
  • Recovering Estate Assets
  • Estate Litigation

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