Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Texas Families With Probate

Founded by Attorney Steven K. Schwartz II in 2012, The Schwartz Law Firm is celebrating 10 years of providing Houston families with probate and estate administration services, no matter how simple or complex the estate.

Clients of The Schwartz Law Firm face a wide range of probate issues including handling an estate when a will exists and when a will does not exist, probating a will after four (4) years, mortgage foreclosures on estate property, property tax foreclosures on estate property, and gaining access to estate property. In addition, the firm handles will contests, represents heirs that have been intentionally excluded from the probate process, and theft and recovery of estate assets.

While Mr. Schwartz is right at home with handling some of the most complex legal aspects of probate, he is also equally equipped to handle the often more complicated human aspect of probate. The death of a loved one can often bring to the surface negative underlying emotions among family members and reveal damaged and broken relationships – making it difficult to get a family of heirs to agree in the probate process.

“Over the last ten years, I’ve witnessed the spectrum of family dynamics, from families that get along and work in perfect harmony, to families that fight about anything and everything” says Mr. Schwartz. “Every family is unique, but we strive to make the probate process peaceful for all of our clients and bring an amicable resolution to every case we handle so that families can move forward with the healing process.”